Computer Monitoring Software

SpyAgentMonitoring your child’s computer usage can be tricky, unless you have a computer good monitoring software like SpyAgent. Every child wants to have their freedom and independence. However, they are at the age where the choices they make can cause life long consequences. That is why it is a parent’s job to help their child make choices that will better them in life, rather than hinder them. The world of technology is a scary place. It is filled with negativity, and this can really affect all aspects of a child’s life.

The creators of SpyAgent know what a scary place the internet can be, that is why they have designed a software that will monitor every detail of a child’s computer usage. If you’re looking for a spy software for your Android phone, check out highster mobile. You will receive easy to read log that will contain all the information about your child’s activity. This will help parent’s gain the knowledge of what is tempting their child, and help their child learn that this type of behavior will lead to consequences.

SpyAgent is jam packed with monitoring features, content filters, security and stealth mode features, as well as reporting and log management features. Here is an overview of what to expect from each set of features.

Monitoring features

spyagent interface

There are so many cool features that help parents monitor their child’s computer usage. SpyAgent did not leave anything unmarked. They wanted to make sure that all your questions as a parent were answered. Here are some of the great features you can take advantage of when you own this award winning software.

  • Keystroke Logging
  • Emails Sent and Received
  • Events Timeline Logging
  • Internet Chat Conversation
  • Website Activity
  • Application Usage
  • Webmail and Website Content
  • Computer Usage Logging
  • Sound-triggered Microphone Audio Recording
  • Webcam Capture Recording
  • Intelligent Screenshot Capturing
  • Internet Traffic Data
  • Internet Connections
  • Files Uploaded and Downloaded
  • Files/Documents Accessed
  • Files System Usage
  • Files/Documents Printed
  • Window and Mouse Activity
  • Clipboard Logging
  • Activity Logging
  • Real-time Remote Desktop Viewing and Control
  • Specific Program Logging
  • E-Mail Log Deliver
  • FTP Log Delivery

That is just a list of monitoring features, there is so much more that this software can offer you.

Content filters

Content filters
SpyAgent gives you the power to deny your child access to specified programs and applications.

  • Application Filtering– Gives you control over what programs can be used.
  • Website FilteringDecide what websites your child is allowed to visit, and which ones they are not.
  • Chat Filtering –Deny access to chat messenger, as well as set the parameters for ones that you approve.
  • SmartLogging – Activity Triggered Logging- Set configurations to monitor when specified activity occurs, such as keywords being typed, programs being ran, websites being visited, certain windows being viewed, and more.
  • Instant Email Notification Alerts – Receive emails when the user visits a forbidden website, chat client, or application.

Security and stealth mode features

There are tons of security features provide protection for the computer user and you. These include: Log File Encryption, Security Settings, Spyware Detector Disabling, Log File Backdating, Invisible Program and Log File Folders, Forced Hidden Files, Logging Time Scheduling, PC Lockdown Scheduling, Warning Screen, Password Protection, Active Startup, Windows Startup, Idle Timeout, Instant Log Retrieval with a Portable or USB Drive, AutoClear, Quick Installer for Portable Drives , AutoRemove Self-Uninstall, AutoArchiving, Configurable Stealth Mode Hotkey and/or Key Phrase Access, and Deploy Utility.

Stealth Features

Reporting and log management features

Now that you have logged all their activity, it is time to look it over. However, there is so much content, how do you decide what is important and what is not?

Log Reports

SpyAgent is packed with reporting possibilities that will help you sort through the content and find the information that you are concerned with, such as Most Popular Activities Summary, graphical Top 10 reports, and specific log reports for viewing and printing. Reports can also be ran to summarize, when monitoring is stopped, the details of users total computer activity, including time, total inactivity/idle time, how many events were captured, and more. Simplistic reports can also re an, such as all logged dates, a single date, or a range of date can also be created.